How A4 Tab Dividers Work


Tabs are differentiated based on “banks” or “cut”. A 3-bank or 3rd-cut tab has a top position, middle position, and bottom position. A 10-bank or 10th-cut tabs consists of 10 much smaller tabs from the top position to the bottom position. We stock 3-bank, 4-bank, 5-bank, 6-bank, 8-bank, and 10-bank tabs. The most popular version by far is 5-bank because historically it is the most readily available format of US letter size tab stock.

The availability of different bank tabs gives our customers the ability to produce clean looking documents versus always using 5-bank tabs. For example, if a training manual has six sections, it makes sense to use 6-bank tabs rather than using 5-bank tabs which leaves the final tab looking like an afterthought.

Our best-selling product is our standard A4 tab stock with a clear mylar coating on the extended portion of the tab. The mylar coating is important because it makes the extended portion of the tab much more rigid than an uncoated tab. Nothing looks worse than bent up tabs in a binder or bound document!

The mylar tab extends a ½” beyond a standard A4 sheet of paper (which is 210mm x 297mm or 8.27” x 11.69”). Consider this ½” the height of the tab. The printable area of the tab is determined by the width of the tab.